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My custom squad thus far by toyphototaker
My custom squad thus far
Wanted to show the work I've done. Haven't decided how I'll differentiate officers from soldiers yet, but may use the custom cape somehow.

"Officer" is essentially a straight-up Boba Fett with a custom built Darksaber. Just removed his factory cape and Wookie sculpts. Also modified his jetpack to look more like Jango's second pack from AOTC

"Heavy" trooper uses a bi-pod .50 Cal from an old 3.75" GI Joe figure. Moved his hip poaches to his thighs and added a Stormtrooper holster/rifle to his belt.

"Spec Ops" has been modified to look like Jango Fett (dual wielding pistols) also removed his rangefinder and replaced it with a "laser sight" courtesy of a peg trimmed off of the "Officer's" jetpack. Provided an E-Web from an older set of 3.75" figures. Hope Hasbro will provide us with one themselves, it just needs modified legs to make it stand taller.
My newest customs by toyphototaker
My newest customs
Just an update photo of my "Proto Fett Squad" and a custom ARC Trooper.

I decided to make a Jango styled poncho for the dual pistol wielding Proto Fett I made, and gave his rangefinder to my Clone Sergeant in favor of creating a differently colored ARC Trooper. (I still need to repaint the pauldron)

For the ARC Trooper, I took a pair of extra Han Solo styled blasters and a pair of Clone Rifles from the 3.75" "Clone Wars" toyline (the bagged extra weapons). After trimming the scope and barrel off of the Solo blasters, I glued a rifle barrel onto the end of each in order to give my ARC Trooper a Commander Fordo like feel. I still need to make some holsters for him though.

I decided not to change the green paint on my ARC Trooper for 2 reasons. 1) With my painting skills, it would ruin the appearance of the figure. and 2) The green Sergeant's were seen for roughly 30 seconds. With the Red and Blue officers getting upgraded in the Clone Wars cartoons to ARC's, I wanted to have a green one as well.
My custom Proto Fett's by toyphototaker
My custom Proto Fett's
Just a quick photo of some work I'm doing on a squad of Proto Fett's (still need to pickup 2 more).

Thus far, I've removed the un-needed Wookie "trophies" off of their shoulder's, and removed the cape/poncho from one. I had an extra pistol and holster from a previous custom that I used to give him a more Jango-like feel. I ended up removing "Jango's" rangefinder after this image was taken, in favor of creating a custom ARC Trooper I'll post momentarily. I also provided the "Boba version" with a custom of 1 of his original blasters using a 3.75" Sandtrooper rifle. Just cut the barrel off a little past the trigger.

I plan to buy 2 more and provided them with more "unique" alterations so that each has more "dedicated skills" than the others. Looking to create a Squad of "Super Troopers". My thoughts for this "alternate history" goes as so: With the Emperor's loosing trust that Vader will end Luke's life before he becomes a full-fledged Jedi, he decides to reactivate the program that provided the Delta and Omega squads of the Clone Wars. Dedicating this squad to hunting Jedi.
My custom Jedi Masters by toyphototaker
My custom Jedi Masters
It took longer than I meant for, but just wanted to share a quick shot of my custom 6" Black series Jedi.

As some of you may remember, I made Corran Horn by switching heads between my "Bespin" Luke and "ROTS" Obi-Wan Kenobi, trying to find a way to salvage the undersized Kenobi head. After a quick shave (gave him more of a goatee), I repainted Luke's jumpsuit a medium green to match the cover art of the novel, "I, Jedi".

Doing this, I was left w/ a slightly taller Luke in Jedi garb. I swapped Kenobi's blue blade with "Jedi" Luke's green blade (used a very small piece of paper as a spacer for the blade's size difference) and picked up a Jedi Robe online. Wanted a more.. "New Jedi Order" type Jedi Grand Master feel for Luke. I would have used "Jedi" Luke's head, but felt that "Bespin" Luke's head was more mature-looking. May yet customize "Jedi" Luke and his new blue saber into another character.


United States
I decided to take my vast collection of toys out of semi-retirement, for various pictures. Always enjoy feedback on all the pictures I post.

Current Residence: Toys R Us
Favourite genre of music: depends on mood
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Wallpaper of choice: My Pictures
Favourite cartoon character: Dilbert and Deadpool
Just received a message on 1 of my more recent photos by this user. The message included a link to a phishing/virus site. I wanted to warn as many users as I can before anyone else falls victim to the link. I can't STAND people like this. They're only here to ruin a fun experience on sites such as Deviantart.

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:3 Happy birthday!!
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Hey, your stuff looks really cool! Love the HALO bit you have the most tho. Great stuff ^^

Btw, where did you get those Warthogs? I have never seen them anywhere o.o
toyphototaker Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Thank you, I'm happy you liked them.

The Warthogs came from the "Halo: Reach" toy line. You might be able to find them available on eBay.
kitsunelegend Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, no problem hun, I love everything HALO. ^^

Hmm, I'll have to look it up then. ^^ To be honest, your stuff has inspired me to start my own little comic with the toys. ^^
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Thank you for the watch.
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Lol, it's okay.
TALLUS76 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer

Have the crew together and finished. Thought Id share considering how long weve exchanged ideas on these guys.…

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Thanx so much for the watch!
toyphototaker Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
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